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"Eulogy For A Basement"

My favorite memory of Filene’s Basement? That’s easy: Watching half-naked women wriggle in and out of their clothes. ‘Course, I was only six or seven at the time, and those women frequently included my mother or grandmother, so let’s move on to other memories, shall we?... Read More

Wicked Local
"Bringing back Filene's Basement in Downtown Crossing isn't easy, but it can be done"

The block where the flagship Filene’s Basement store should be is one giant construction site – without any evidence of actual construction. And the chain is about to be completely liquidated as its parent company Syms Corp. closes up shop completely.... Read More

Boston Magazine
"Pit Boss Steven Roth: Waiting on the Jackpot"

Steven Roth is best known in these parts as the “arrogant” and “stubborn” (Tom Menino’s words, not mine) New York developer responsible for the giant hole in the middle of Downtown Crossing. Maybe we should get to know him a bit better as the guy about to cash in on the Massachusetts gaming bonanza.... Read More

Boston Business Journal
"Everything nice I own came from Filene's Basement"

To some extent, Menino and the architects of urban renewal in Downtown Crossing are probably responsible for its demise. As a nationwide chain, Filene’s Basement might have shrunk or grown, but the original store drew tourists – hard to believe for anyone who remembers what it looked like.... Read More



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